About Sean

I’ve been training people and dogs in Seattle for the last decade and a half. My main focus when working with clients every week in one-on-one, private lessons is to help people learn to get their dogs to a functional level so that they can actually enjoy spending time every day with their dog instead of stressing about their dog’s behavior issues.

SESSION 59: Is a Dog’s Aggression your Fault?

In episode 59, Sean answers a listener’s email about the serious aggression issue they have with their dog.  Sean talks about two myths in dog behavior that often results in poor advice to owners of dog’s dealing with aggression issues.  Sean describes his opinion on euthanizing dogs and the very first discussion he might have [...]

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SESSION 58: Fetch! – Teaching your puppy the rules

In episode 58, Sean responds to a question from some listeners about how to teach your excited puppy the rules of playing fetch.  These exercises are designed to structure a puppy’s fetch game.  A quick note that this isn’t designed to teach fetching to a dog that has absolutely no inclination to fetch.  Also, you [...]

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Session 57: Train your Puppy to get along with Baby better

In episode 57, Sean answers a listeners question about how to get her puppy to stop playing roughly with her baby.  Sean gives you a game-plan for training your puppy to get along with baby better and he gives you 3 areas to focus your training on that will make puppy-baby interactions more agreeable. [...]

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SESSION 56: Aggression Cases: Sean’s approach

In episode 56, Sean responds to a question from some listeners about how he approaches aggression cases.  They had a bad experience with a trainer in their local area and want to know from Sean what sorts of things they should look for in a trainer that can help them solve some aggression issues with [...]

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In episode 53, Sean answers a question from a professional dog trainer.  She asks Sean about the differences in results that she gets when training a dog personally as opposed to the results that her clients get when training their dogs themselves.  Sean outlines the top three mistakes dog owners make in training their dogs [...]

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SESSION 51: Service Dog Work – Interview with Canine Partners for Life

In episode 51, I interview Megan Esherick, Program Director for Canine Partners for Life.  CPL is a service dog organization in Pennsylvania.  They provide highly competent service dogs to recipients to assist with physical limitations, mobility issues, various medical alert services as well as many other issues.  Megan and I discuss their breeding program, their puppy [...]

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SESSION 50: Deaf Dog Training 101

In episode 50, I give you the starting steps of training a deaf dog.  Also, I answer some questions in the update section from the U.K., Australia and Canada.  In answer to one of the listener’s questions I also give you a quick overview of what the online dog training video course covers. [...]

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