Dogs over 7 Months Online Course

//Dogs over 7 Months Online Course

Dogs over 7 Months Online Course


I’ve been getting feedback for months now that I should get my video training course into the 21st century. One customer wrote, “I absolutely love the video course but DVD’s are so 2005, I’d get those videos available online on various devices ASAP … you know Blockbuster went out of business right?”

Well, we’re finally up to speed, The Dog’s Way Video Training Course is available purely online. When we looked at whether we should do this or not, it sort of became a ‘no-brainer’ …

  • No more waiting – In some cases people had to wait 6-10 days for DVD’s and paper workbooks to be delivered
  • Start right away – You can start learning and training the minute you buy the course
  • Way more convenient – You can watch the lessons on your tablet, phone, computer or smart TV (anything with a half-way decent internet connection)
  • Save money – AND we don’t have to make a physical product, so, we can pass the production costs saving directly on to you (that’s fancy supply chain talk for its cheaper!) We’re able to cut the price from $59.95 to $49.95 and no shipping costs!!


You get all the same stuff:

  • 12 video lessons
  • 15 cards (to download) to take with you on walks and homework sessions to remind you of key dos and don’ts
  • Additional access to bonus video mini-lessons online to help with specific issues like jumping, bathing, nail clipping, brushing etc.
  • A workbook (to download) that follows along with each lesson
  • PLUS – You now also get the downloadable eBook about creating structure during the start of training (“starting out right with your dog “) These 10 tips help with structuring everyday life with your dog during training.

NOTE: Here’s the one little difference. With online video course material, the set-up is often for a limited time. Meaning that, with virtually all online video courses, you have access to use the online video courses for a set amount of months. In our case we’re giving you a full year of access to the video course online. In a way, I kind of like that you may feel like there’s a little bit of external pressure to get to the training (I was almost thinking of making it 6 or even 3 months access, to really motivate you guys to get to it … but I figure it’s your job to get yourself out on your homework walks) You still get to keep the workbook, reminder cards and the eBook forever though!