SESSION 8: Interview with Dr. Jake Tedaldi, author of What’s Wrong with My Dog

In this week’s episode we talk to, Dr. Jake Tedaldi, the author of one of the best dog first aid books out there. His book, What’s Wrong with My Dog, has helped many dog owners more accurately assess the symptoms they’re seeing in their dogs, and has helped them more accurately communicate with their veterinarian over the phone. If you’d like to save money not having to go into your Vet’s office with every symptom or just have more peace of mind in assessing your dog if they’re experiencing troubling symptoms, this book is a must have for any dog owner. In our interview, you’ll get to know Dr. Jake a little better and learn about the thinking behind the unique format of the book.

In this session:


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WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY DOG by Dr. Jake Tedaldi

Dr. Jake, who’s a big fan of local bookstores, (as you’ll hear him mention in the show) recommended that you your local bookstore and ask them to order it.  You can do that here:

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